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WAETFORD , Charles Berry b:03 Apr 1808 London to Richard WALFORD and Patty BERRY.
CBW arrived in NZ with a name change from Walford to Waetford.   Many family stories explain this, from him being a disgraced Vet or Doctor, a young man who illegally transported Brandy into England, down to a thief who was sent to the colonies in Australia and made his way to NZ... We do not have a solid proven reason to date...Someone must 'want' to share this with the world... ??
CBW was an interesting and active participant of the times, and left a unique and strong legacy in turmoil that was Northland in the 1800's. Our first records of him in NZ are 1839, but by 1842 he was seen trading in the "FeeGee's" and shipping goods between Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. He was mentioned in consular dispatches and had acquired land holdings. In 1845 we have him charged with treason for "..assisting natives with arms and ammunition, and aiding and abetting them in their rebellious acts.." (a charge if proven "would have subjected him to instant death as a traitor". ..) Not convicted but was locked up for 5 weeks this case was clearly an early example misuse of judicial powers from Governor Fitzroy., and had some political ramifications including the resignation of the Auckland Police Magistrate Percival Berry due to influence of Fitzroy during the process.
CBW married Heni TiIhi Clark (half Sister to Hori Tawhiti) and he died 1879 in Wahapu, leaving 2 sons and 2 daughters.
His daughter Eliza Patty married Nathaniel Andrew Jones in 1884.
Eliza Patty is our Gt-Grandmother.

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